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DeFi portfolio management it’s... complicated.
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Mint coveYFI and earn boosted 
returns on Yearn vaults!

Boosties is the dedicated liquid locker and staking platform for Yearn, built using Yearn V3. Anyone can earn amplified yield by benefiting from Cove's veYFI boost. Leave the optimization up to the gigabrains at Gauntlet.

cove PROTOCOL (coming soon)

Your DeFi portfolio, simplified

Cove is the first onchain portfolio manager. Earn the best yields on-chain without the hassle of actively managing positions. Cove is built with the Yearn ecosystem in mind and is optimized by Gauntlet.

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the cove token

Introducing $COVE.
A non-transferable governance token

Earn a stake in the future of the protocol

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The first onchain portfolio manager partnered with the best

optimiZe earnings

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Cove provides the most competitive rates for Yearn vaults

built by industry veterans

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